1. Where do Changing Roofs work?

All over Metro and Regional Victoria.


2. Are Changing Roofs insured

Yes, 20 million public liability insurance.


3. Do you provide a guarantee?

Yes, all work is guaranteed.


4. Can every roof be restored?

No.  Not every roof tile can be resorted.  Some tiles become too old, brittle and porous and cannot be worked on.


5. Can you paint all roof tiles?

No.  Some Terracotta roof tiles are glazed in the factory kiln and there are no appropriate coatings available to adhere for a lasting result.


6. Do all companies do the same Roof Restoration job?

No.  To restore a roof to the highest standard, it requires expert tradesman and the highest quality materials.


7.  How long does a Roof Restoration take?

Depending on weather, usually 2-3 days.  We always work with one eye on weather to ensure there is no chance of water damage.


8.  What are Changing Roofs payment terms?

We do not require a deposit for most jobs, however full payment is due on completion of work.  Payment can be made in person, via an online bank transfer or by credit (Mastercard or Visa).


9.  How is a quality job assured?

All work completed by Changing Roofs is of the highest standard.  All work is guaranteed. References from previous customers can be viewed at www.truelocal.com.au  a public forum.


10. Do you clean up when finished?

Yes, all debris is removed from site.

Head office: 1300 724 933

Mobile: 0417 188 266