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Why Changing Roofs for roof repair Preston?

Roof is one of the most important part of your home and it’s the first line of defense against harsh weather conditions. Identifying early and preventing damages on your roof is important and will save lot of money, time and lots of headaches down the line.

We @ changing roofs help our customers to identify roof leaks as well as other roof issues as early as possible and prevent bigger problems. We’ve been in the industry for more than 15 years and we regarded as one of best in roof repair Preston. Our workmanship and customer service are the best in roof repair industry, and we are trusted by industry standards.

We will inspect your roof, identify the problems and give you the best possible solution and explain you the roof repair process. All our quotes are obligation free.

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Why it’s important to identify roof leaks early?

When it comes to roof repair, preventative roof repairs are more affordable than expensive roof restorations.  Identifying roof leaks early is important and may prevent extensive water damage to your home.

Some homeowners identify roofs leaks early and try to repair them by themselves and most often make the problem bigger. As the leading roof repair company in Melbourne, our staff are highly skilled, trained and certified, we’ve got the best equipment used in roof repairs. We recommend our customers not to do roof repair themselves, since it voids the most building insurance and warranty on your homes.

Some homeowners on the other hand may not identify the roof repair issues at all until it becomes a bigger problem. We encourage our customers to inspect their roofs often by qualified roof contractors.  No job is too small or too big for us, contact us for comprehensive roof inspections.

How to spot roof issues early and prevent expensive roof repair cost in Preston?


There are many ways to identify roof issues and avoid hefty roof repair costs.

  • Corrosion – is a sign of water gathering around metal sections of your roof, such as fasteners, gutters, flashing etc. This may cause rotting timber on your roof too and need to have a closer to look to prevent bigger damage. You may need to remove corroded parts of your roof by a professional.
  • Cracked flashing – flashing is the thin metal pieces on your roof between tiles or between metal sheets if you have metal roof and cover the gaps and prevent water leaking. If flashings are cracked it’s a sing of water leaking somewhere on your roof.
  • Cracked tiles – cracked tiles sometime cannot see from outside but can see from inside where you find sunlight comes through the cracks. Cracked tiles needs to be replaced completely to prevent leaks.
  • Sings of mold, rot or moisture – all these signs are indications of water gathering and needs to be looked at by roof repair specialist.

Roof repair types

Tile roof repairs

Tiles are a commonly used product on roofs all over Preston. Roof tiles look great, but they can experience issues if not maintained correctly. Some issues can include soaking water, roof tile blockages, broken and cracked tiles, broken bedding and moss and lichen build up that requires cleaning.

Roof leak repairs

A leaking roof can cause many problems. If fact it can be very dangerous, considering electricity and water don’t mix. If a leak is left too long it can cause structural damage or even ceiling collapse inside. Let us help you before it is too late.

Metal roof repairs

Metal roofs are commonly used in the older areas of Preston. A lot of new homes are now returning to metal roofs for its durability and quality. BlueScope Steel is a great Australian product. In fact, it has been a world leader in providing the best Colourbond roofing products for Australian conditions. A typical metal roof installation will take 1 to 2 weeks. Occupants can remain at home and premises are kept watertight.

How to select the best contractor for your roof repair Preston.


When you’re looking for a roof repair contractor in Preston, the important things to look at are experience, certifications, warranty, material they use and local experience.

We Changing roofs are in the roofing industry for more than 15 years and certified by HBA and HIA. Our staff are highly trained and skilled professionals and have dealt with various roof repair issues in various roof types. All our workmanship covered with 5 years warranty and we use color bond and other best quality products in the market for all our roof repair jobs. We have the local knowledge and understand the unforgiving weather conditions here in Preston and trusted by many customers. Please read through our testimonials section for local references and get in touch for professional help regarding any roof repair issues in Preston.


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