Roof Repointing Greenvale


What is Roof Repointing Greenvale

The repair process of damaged or cracked motor in brickwork, masonry, or roof tiling is called roof pointing. Roof pointing and bedding are significant elements of the roof structure and both provide stronger hold and tighter seal of ridge tiles (capping tiles).

What is Roof Bedding

Cement mortar that holds roof tiles together is called roof bedding. Modern roofer contractors use pointing compounds other than cement motor nowadays. These compounds can be found on all major hardware stores. When this compound damaged, cracked, or torn moisture start to get through to the roof and start causing damage to your roof structure. So, the roof pointing is an important part of your roof maintenance process.


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How to spot roof issues early and prevent expensive roof repointing cost in Greenvale?

Roof ridge tiles (capping tiles) are the most important part of the roof. If the ridge tiles cracked or moved it could lead to roof leaks and cause major damages to your roof.

If your roof is older you probably have your roof pointing done using cement mortar. Roof mortar (roof bedding) can be cracker or damaged easily. So, it’s important to identify such effects and avoid major damages.

Singed that your roof needs Roof Repointing 

  • Roof Leaks

Roof leaks are the most obvious sing of issue on your roof.  Roof leaks need to be identified early and prevent early as it could lead to an expensive damage bill.

  • Mould built up around ridge capping

Mould built up indicates water/moisture gathering around ridge capping and needs to be looked at by roofing specialist

  • Cracked, moved or loose roof tiles

Damaged, cracked, or torn roof bedding could move your roof tiles from roof pointing. Debris of cracked roof tiles of roof bedding can be stuck inside gutter and stop rainwater drainage. Not only that cracked, moved or loose roof tiles lead the roof to leak and could potentially cause structural damages to your roof, so it needs to be looked at by roofing specialist.

Roof Repointing
Roof Repointing

Why Changing Roofs for your Roof Repointing Greenvale?

We always recommend you seek professional service for your roof repointing as we believe DIY roof repointing and rebedding end up costing more money than hiring a professional. We @ changing roofs help our customers to identify roof leaks as well as other roof issues as early as possible and prevent bigger problems. We’ve been in the industry for more than 15 years and we regarded as one of best in roof repointing Greenvale. Our workmanship and customer service are the best in roof repointing industry, and we are trusted by industry standards.

We will inspect your roof, identify the problems, and give you the best possible solution and explain you the roof repointing process. All our quotes are obligation free.

  • Licenced

Roof contractors are everywhere, one of important things to consider when hiring a roof contractor is to check they are licenced. Licenced contractors are well trained and are compliance with all the Australian building industry standards. We @ Chaningroofs certified by HIA and HBA.

  • Insurance

Insurance is a must to carry out any repair on your roof. Roof contractor should hold public liability insurance and it will cover any damage to your roof occurs during the roof repointing process.

  • Warranty

Product warranty and workmanship warranty are other important things to look at before any roof repointing job. All our workmanship covered with 10 years warranty and we use colorbond and other best quality products in the market for all our roof restoration jobs. For warranty on Colorbond products please visit Colorbond website.

  • Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are good indicators of roof contractor’s performance and customer satisfaction. Please visit our website or our Google reviews.

  • Local experience

Local knowledge is key to understand the local weather patterns and conditions. We are in the roofing industry for more than 15 years, servicing our customers across Melbourne and trusted by thousands of customers.


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