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Why Changing Roofs for roof restoration Eltham?

Has your roof wear, tear and discoloured? Looks like it needs more than a repair, that could mean it needs roof restoration.  If the outer coat of the tiles wear means it could be soaking up the water and this could lead to structural damage to your roof and roof repair bill could be over the roof.


What is roof restoration

Depending on the condition of the roof, roof restoration could involve few different processes. It could involve roof repairs, roof cleaning and roof painting. Typically roof restorations are cheaper than roof replacements and expensive than roof repairs.

During the roof repair process damaged roof tiles, down-pipes and gutters etc will be replaced in order to fix any leaks. Blocked gutters, down pipes and molded roof tiles will be cleaned with high pressure cleaner during the roof cleaning process. Roof painting is the final process of roof restoration and re-coating of the roof color will be done during this stage.

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Metal roof restoration Eltham

Metal roofs are more popular and very common in Eltham. It’s cheap comparing to terracotta and concrete tiles. But most common issue specially with old metal roofs are they tent to corrode and rust, especially if you are close to the coast. Modern Colourbond metal roof sheets and galvanized roof sheets and other products (gutters, ridges, downpipes etc) comes with some special layer of protection against corrosion.

During metal roof restoration process corroded and rusted roofing parts (sheets, downpipes, gutter etc) will be replaced with new parts. And we will make sure you’re left without any leaks.


Terracotta and tile roof restoration Eltham  

Terracotta tiles are not all the same. Some Terracotta tiles are manufactured with a clear glaze coating, some don’t. Over time a Terracotta tile can deteriorate and start to soak water and become porous. This leads to moss and lichen growing on the tiles.

To resolve a terracotta tile growing moss and lichen we apply a hypo tile detergent designed to kill moss, lichen and algae on roof tiles.

After applying the treatment, we leave it for a period of 3-4 days to work. The roof is them cleaned using a high-pressure cleaner to remove all debris. This prepares the roof for a new terracotta glaze. This is a clear protective coating designed for porous terracotta tiles.

When do you need roof restoration?

It is often difficult to figure when to identify that roof needs a restoration. But it’s always a clever idea to seek for professional help. Professional roof contractor will identify roof repair vs roof restoration and roof replacement. Cost and durability are the two most important things to consider when deciding which process, you want to go ahead with. For an example is it worth to do a full roof replacement on a roof which is 40 years old where roof replacement costs only couple of grand more than roof restoration. Because a new roof will last another 40 years.


Signed that your roof need roof restoration

  • Roof leaks

Roof leaks could be one of the first signs of major damage bill, it’s best to identify roof leaks early before it could potentially turn in to a bigger problem.

  • Corrosion

Corrosion is a sign of water gathering around metal sections of your roof, such as fasteners, gutters, flashing etc. This may cause rotting timber on your roof too and need to have a closer to look to prevent bigger damage. You may need to remove corroded parts of your roof by a professional.

  • Cracked tiles, damaged downpipes and gutters

Cracked tiles sometime cannot see from outside but can see from inside where you find sunlight comes through the cracks. Cracked tiles needs to be replaced completely to prevent leaks. Damaged downpipes gutter also means water leaks and if not identified and fixed early, this could lead to mold or rust the roof, or it could be more big structural damage to your roof.

  • Saggy Roof

Overtime timber roof rafters could bow, and roof could sag, this could potentially structurally damage to your roof and needs to be looked at by professional roof contractor.

Things to look for when you hire a contractor for roof restoration Eltham


  • Licenced

Roof contractors are everywhere, one of important things to consider when hiring a roof contractor is to check they are licenced. Licenced contractors are well trained and are compliance with all the Australian building industry standards. We @ Chaningroofs certified by HIA and HBA.

  • Insurance

Insurance is a must to carry out any repair on your roof. Roof contractor should hold public liability insurance and it will cover any damage to your roof occurs during the roof restoration process.

  • Warranty

Product warranty and workmanship warranty are other important things to look at before any roof restorations job. All our workmanship covered with 5 years warranty and we use colour bond and other best quality products in the market for all our roof restoration jobs. For warranty on Colourbond products please visit Colorbond website.

  • Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are good indicators of roof contractor’s performance and customer satisfaction. Please visit our website or our Google reviews.

  • Local experience

Local knowledge is key to understand the local weather patterns and conditions. We are in the roofing industry for more than 15 years, servicing our customers across Melbourne and trusted by thousands of customers.


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