Roof Re-pointing


Generally, roof repointing refers to ‘pointy’ types of tiles – also known as ridge caps – which hold edge joins together on your roof. Repointing is a highly important part of having a stable roof, and our service involves removing old tiles and implementing new ones to ensure your roof will last longer and become sturdier.

Changing Roofs uses only the highest of quality pressure cleaning to take care of your damaged roof, regardless of its current situation. This helps get rid of areas which are prone to weathering, mould or fractures in the roof’s tiling.


The substance that holds ridge cap tiles to your roof is known as ‘bedding’. This substance allows the tiles to stick to your roof and actually stay there. If it wasn’t for this bedding, the tiles would simply drop off after a certain period of time. Re-bedding is the process in which you need to replace the substances, to ensure it sticks the tiles to the roof correctly.

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Changing Roofs

Changing roof specialises in roof repairs including roof leaks, repointing, restorations, cleaning and sealing services in Melbourne suburbs.

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