Roof Restoration

Ten to Fifteen years after cement roof tiles are installed you start to see wear and tear on the tile.The coating may have perished and become porous, meaning it could be soaking up water. This can lead to further structural damage.

During a roof restoration, we choose different products to produce the best possible outcome depending on the age and condition of the roof tiles.

Some cement roof tiles are very porous and rough, they require a high build sealer to bring form back to the tile providing a stable surface to apply the 2 top coats. This ensures the coating adheres well and gives the right coverage to the tile.

Tileflex is impregnated with self cleaning, nano technology to perform like no other roof coating. This provides significantly more gloss on application maintaining the look of a new roof for much longer than a standard gloss acrylic roof coating and is drinking water safe.


Terracotta tiles are not all the same. Some Terracotta tiles are manufactured with a clear glaze coating, some don’t. Over time a Terracotta tile can deteriorate and start to soak water and become porous. This leads to moss and lichen growing on the tiles.

To resolve a terracotta tile growing moss and lichen we apply a hypo tile detergent designed to kill moss, lichen and algae on roof tiles.

After applying the treatment, we leave it for a period of 3-4 days to work. The roof is them cleaned using a high pressure cleaner to remove all debris. This prepares the roof for a new terracotta glaze. This is a clear protective coating designed for porous terracotta tiles.


Changing Roofs

Changing roof specialises in roof repairs including roof leaks, repointing, restorations, cleaning and sealing services in Melbourne suburbs.

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